We grew up watching basketball, football, baseball and soccer and we dreamed of
shooting the game winning 3 pointer, throwing the 50 yard touchdown bomb in the last seconds of the game,
hitting the grand slam home run in the bottom of the ninth inning, or kicking the sudden
death goal. Somewhere and sometime in our lives we dominated the game with
our skills on a field or on a court and felt “I was born to play this sport.”©

So there it goes, from the fields to the courts I was born to dominate one of these sports! ©


The BORN2BALL Origin Story

BORN2BALL was established in 1998 and trademarked in 1999.

In 1998 my daughters and I were in the park playing basketball and my 8 year old daughter made an amazing shot and I jokingly said, “Young lady you’re born to ball,” and she said “I like that Dad. Yes Dad I’m born to ball, “ and that’s how BORN2BALLSports began.

Over the last couple of decades I’ve sold apparel in the northeast region of the United States, participated in sports apparel trade shows, and ran basketball camps under the name BORN2BALL. I sold uniforms to AAU teams with the name BORN2BALL on the top left corner of the jerseys and the kids loved it.

In addition to creating and selling sports apparel I’ve developed a ton of copyrighted slogans to reinforce the concept of the name BORN2BALL. We all know what it’s like to love the game you play, to talk trash with your friends in the locker room, to make jokes on the court, and brag about your skills. I have more than 100 slogans for basketball, football and baseball. These slogans will be featured on future BORN2BALL t-shirts sold on the website.

Some examples include:
• The rim is my crown and the court is my kingdom I was BORN2BALL.©
• Mirror mirror on the wall there's no question I was BORN2BALL.©
• So you know it, you play it, why not wear it and say it I was BORN2BALL.©